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Perfect solution for storing and transporting goods.

IBCs help to reduce costs of storing and transporting liquids and semi-liquids. IBCs provide good protection even in harsh and unfavourable conditions.




We specialize in the service and maintenance of the containers manufactured by top producers – Mauser, MaschioPack, Werit, Greif, Schutz. The packaging subjects to a multi-stage complete washing process, drying, repairing and a final inspection using a modern, automatic line CHALENGER. Service of the containers is provided at our premises according to the ISO standard no.16106:2010, what lets us provide our customers with environment-friendly containers, which meet all quality requirements and parameters specified in ADR, RID and IMDG regulations.


  • high capacity – instead of many packaging, we may use one
  • sustainability – a multi-use cage, metal construction,
  • egronomy – the shape of the containers allows for easy and inexpensive transportation and storage, vertical storage
  •  of natural resources
  • reduction of quantity of generated packaging waste
  • reduction of costfor purchasing containers
  • guarantee of environmental safety – the containers are made of a high quality polyethylene, resistant to acids, alkalis, oils and other chemicals
  • convenient service – easy and quick filling and emptying thanks to modern 2 or 3 inch valves and wide 150 mm or 225 mm filler