IBC SERVICE offers the service of a multi-stage IBC cleaning and reconditioning process.

We can help our customers:

reduce the costs as they don’t have to buy new IBCs,

use their IBCs optimally

release less packaging waste

Our services include:

Cleaning – a multi-stage washing process based on CHALLENGER’s state-of-the-art automatic IBC washing line:

  1. Disposal of residues contained in IBCs in accordance with established procedures and in accordance with environmental regulations,
  2. Four-stage washing,
  3. High pressure washing,
  4. Drying,
  5. Leakage test,
  6. Product quality control.


    1. Regeneration of structural elements of IBCs
    2. Replacement of consumable components with new ones.

    As part of the service, we offer to pick up IBCs from the location designated by you.

    How we proceed?

    Collection of IBCs from our customer

    Disposal of residues contained in IBCs according to environmental regulations

    Complete and multi-stage cleaning of the pallet box and replacement of worn parts with new ones

    Removal of all labels

    Subjecting IBC to a leak test

    Inspection of the protective cage

    Delivery of a full-quality container to the customer

    Become the partof actions aiming at sustainable development!